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Back to AA?

I have been very low. Some have a flash back before they die of their life; last night I saw that same things as I cried myself to sleep. I saw the sadness and pain I feel and that of those around … Continue reading

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I am doing okay. I was very sick over the last week. I am dealing with some depression and anxiety.   God help me!

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Today was my 29th Birthday.

My soul is still filled with so much sorrow but it’s not angry anymore. I am on the path to acceptance and what I see may be a renewal in who I am; I have a future. Today was my … Continue reading

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I Need Help

I need some help with dealing with anxiety. The anxiety attacks are getting very bad, unbearable at times. I feel like I am having a heart-attack, I have been for the last few ways. I don’t have health insurance and … Continue reading

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Time is anxiety. I am tired of my time being held up with anxiety.   I had a long talk with my step-mom this weekend. I told her that I am not going to be a part of her church … Continue reading

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I am tired. I am ready to curl in a ball and cry.

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Not Alone

I stopped thinking of my father so much. I recognized I was angry with him and now my relationships are improving, I am improving. I’am trying to accept my life, who I am and the love I have. I was … Continue reading

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