The third weekend in January I went to the Huntsville Museum of Art (HAM). I am from Denver, CO and have spent a lot of time at the Denver Art Museum (DAM) therefore I was excited to see what Huntsville had to offer. I felt a refreshing sense artistic creation when I walked into the HAM; mostly showcasing “local” Southern artists, of which the Denver Art Museum showcases much older-legendary household artists, like Vaughan and Matisse.

An artist that I am now a huge fan of is Kevin LePrince, who’s work was on display at the HAM when I visited. LePrince uses oil paint as his medium of choice. His paintings range from farm animals, landscapes, buildings, boats, birds to name a few. He has a famous line of paintings of birds that show great creativity, captivates audiences and draws a smile or a laugh; an accomplished artist in his own right with an art gallery in Charleston, SC and showcasing his work throughout the U.S.

My favorite piece by LePrince is called , Sketched Out. The painting depicts three birds, standing at the edge of what looks like to be a pool of water, looking in wonderment at what surrounds them. LePrince uses thick layers of oil paint to bring to life bold, dramatic lines to form the awkward birds and their surrounding. The three, Sketched Out, birds were painted on a 3×5 ft. panel . Tho the painting was done in oil and meant not to be touched, the thickness of the paint made me want to reach out. Three birds that don’t take up much of the painting but demand a lot of attention depicts positive space, the negative space is made up of warm tones to create the sky and the reflection of the birds in the pool of water; which takes up a majority of the painting. Sketched Out, is organic in nature depicting the amusingly silly side of creation. LePrince’s painting is warm in nature with shades of gray to represent the sky and touches of light on the birds that jump out in the water to give the impression the sun is setting. Not only is line used to give ground to the birds but the jagged lines of white that represent the reflection of the birds in the water, drawing the eye to them. In my opinion, the most important element of art that is used in this painting is Tone. The animation that is created in this painting is brought out by the white and yellows used. The painting is asymmetrical, but the mischievous creatures at the top of the water gives balance that separates the birds and the sky from their liquid reflections . Rhythm exudes this painting. The birds, tho not in flight, show movement simply by the strokes that create them. The pond dances with reflection of the three birds at they stand on the edge of the water or perhaps at the shallow edge.

I am ended my day at the HAM by taking a stroll around an exhibit of photographs. I thoroughly enjoyed my time, I was in a world of artists that saw life differently than me; the experience taught me a little something more about universal truth. I was excited to walk out of the museum with a new artist to admire as I think Kevin LePrince and his piece, Sketched Out,  are worth of.

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