I have had a very busy weekend, a lot had happened.  This weekend was a time when the world showed me I am not alone and that I am very loved.

I had a hard weekend. I am angry. I realized why I am having such a hard time with some in my family… I was lied to, a lot. I don’t know what the truth is or where I come from.

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  1. ElegantEllie says:

    It’s a struggle when you have a life that is difficult enough, but having your trust violated and being confused by a fog of doubt and lies makes things even more complicated than they should be.

  2. Finding out about family lies are always hard. Especially if they have anything to do with yourself, your identity, or the identity of family members. Finding out who is really who and what they stand for can be a jolting experience. I hope you are ok and can work out whatever new information you received.

  3. Be good and kind to yourself….Diane

  4. Sometimes we have to let go of “where we come from” and just aspire to get to where “we want to go” in life. I know any betrayal of trust, being lied to, is tough and not easily overcome. But, after all you went through and yet again to have to go through family lies…i think it may be in your interest to distance yourself from those ties.

  5. i’m sorry you were lied to, sending love you way. xo

  6. lilicara says:

    Please know that them lying to you is their issue and not yours.don’t let it affect who you are.when you carry anger around you give the ones who hurt you so much power. Forgive them, it’s the kindest thing you can do for yourself.

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