I went to the Unitarian church on Sunday and I really enjoyed it.

I am still drained but I am coping much better.

I am angry at my father, I am learning the truth about things…it’s all coming clear. I am sad and angry. I wish he could have been a better father, man and husband for those around him. Had he found us it may have been an even more challanging and abusive life.


I am angry because he was on coke when I started a relationship with him and I had no idea. I am angry I came out here to see him die from his disease. I am angry he really didn’t look for us like he said he did. I am sad and angry for my sisters. I am angry I watched him kill himself. I am angry he and others made it out to seem like everything was good and healthy in that family before I moved out here. I am angry no one told me my father was crazy like he was. No one told me he had remained an addict up to his death, I thourght he was sober and in AA…I had no idea. I

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