Letter to a FRIEND


This is not a mushy love letter….this is just simply me telling you what a wonderful person I think you are. I remember the night you met my grandma, I am sorry I put you through that but you were a champ. I admire you and think the world of you. As I am here in Alabama (ugh) getting my education and healing from the passing of my father, I think back to the men in my life that I have admired; there are not many, you are one of the few. You are an artistic creation, a southern gentlemen and one hell of a jerk when you picked on me 🙂 This road to finishing my education has helped me become a better person; a gift my father left to me through his passing. When I am overwhelmed at school I think about my future and the knowledge I will be filled with to one day reach my full potential and give back to the world, as you give back to the world with your talent. You inspire me to be who I am because you are a beautiful human being that does just that, you are good at being you! Thank you for being my friend and lover for a short time 🙂 You are a light, I just want you to know that I think so. I wish you well this next year. Every once in a while I check up on ya and I saw that Dexter was gone, I am so sorry you had to let him go. I hope you find peace and happiness at your new place and with your job (s) :)-

I will be back home to visit in May. If you would like to meet up and chill let me know. In the meantime, take good care of yourself. I hope your family is well!

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