I am doing okay. I was very sick over the last week. I am dealing with some depression and anxiety.


God help me!

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  1. Brian Cimins says:

    We’ll keep reading, if you keep writing – keep pushing forward through the darkness towards the light and NEVER GIVE UP :-).

  2. While I pressed ‘like’ I do not like that you’ve been ill …Hope you feel better soon ..in many ways..Diane

  3. I found writing to be very therapeutic rather any one reads or not. But when read and comments left it helps build strength today for tomorrows challenges. Glad you made over the slump soon you will conquer the humps.

  4. Pen says:

    I am sorry you were sick. This seems to be the year for rotten illnesses. I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling. Sending lots of warm and healing thoughts. ❤

  5. I”m so sorry you’ve been ill. keep fighting and i hope you find some respite.

  6. alslaff says:

    God will help you; his love never fails. I am where you are, I know. And it is a place where only God can help. Don’t stop hoping for you are precious in his sight.

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