Good to Write

It felt very good to write my inner feelings the other day….thank you for being here!

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11 Responses to Good to Write

  1. That’s why so many are here…to support each other when we need it….Writing brought us here but meeting and getting to know so many…is an added blessing…Diane

  2. No matter how bad those inner feelings may appear at times keep writing, for once released they fly out from your inner being, most will never return to take hold again, you will become stronger in the direction you are heading, just don’t give up even though at times they may seem to be tugging. You have support from your friends.

  3. I am still here and occasionally reading. For two years after I stopped drinking I was bed. Depressed anxious, confused. One day at a time, sometimes one hour at a time, with support from people in AA , I did not need to drink to cope and I learned a lot of ways to cope with what life sometimes throws at us. Life is not always a bed of roses, Sometimes it is shit, drinking or not.

    Hang on in there and keep pouring your feelings out, but LEAVE THEM ON THIS PAGE, . The higher power will take care of them, Then go out and help your people. that’s whet the twelve steps mean to me.

    Love Denise

  4. Hope you’re doing okay….Diane

  5. RichStine says:

    Keep writing. It’s a way of becoming your own best companion! You know…the one we sometimes lose along the way; the one that gets lost in the shuffle.
    I understand the concept of “Lost Advocate”. Perhaps I have a different understanding than yours, or others. If I do, well. I suppose that sort of difference lends credibility to our sameness as humans unique!
    This may or may not be of interest, but I’ll share this, with what is hopefully your blessing:

    Questions I ask myself about Lost Companionship:
    How did you treat your lost companion in the past?
    How was your lost companion, lost, in the first place?
    What will you do today, to let your once-lost companion (you!) know that they have an advocate in…you?

    Be good to yourself, it will spill-over towards others.
    Know yourself, and the company you keep. (because we love or care about others, doesn’t mean they are in a place to be anything but toxic. Sometimes? We are the ones that are toxic. That’s where knowing ourselves come’s in handy, so we can detox mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.)

    Strength & Companionship to you.


  6. I have nominated you for the “Liebster Blog Award” Please see it at
    The Flat Girl

  7. jumeirajames says:

    I dropped in to congratulate you on getting a Liebster Award. Awesome.

    Great blogs too – I know that because I’ve been following you for a while.

  8. A2LSM says:

    This might sound strange but you have been on my mind this morning. Just want to let you know someone was thinking about you today! Blessings

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  10. Congratulations! I just nominated you for the Liebster Award. Visit
    Love you! Diana

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