Part of The Adventure

This has been an interesting trip. I am seeing things in myself that I need to improve on, personality traits that have changed for the good since I was last here, in Denver. In less than a week I will have to go back to Alabama… I know I need to be there but I feel sad to leave here. Thinking logically I know that Colorado is not the place for me right now, I am living a dream for someone who has been down my path, I miss some of what was my old life here in Denver. The thing about the “old life” is that is could be rather destructive in small ways that broke me down…like man issues and things like that.

Being here in Denver and having to leave is part of the adventure, right? At times I think that concept is hard to understand due to the tragic-comedy that is my life.


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4 Responses to Part of The Adventure

  1. I think you’re having very mixed emotions but you do know what is the best place for you to be…and to continue your ‘healing’…..Hope the rest of your stay is good and when you’re ready to go home you’ll be ‘ready’….Diane

  2. Lori Lara says:

    I’m sorry you’re sad. 😦

    You’ll bring Denver with you in your heart. Maybe you’ll return one day???

  3. njaleruma says:

    West or South,home is the best.I think you remember that sentence of wisdom.Denver belong to other people not you.

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