Epic Day



Tomorrow quit smoking. I am going to be moving out soon and I can’t afford it. I can do this. I am woman hear me roar!

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4 Responses to Epic Day

  1. Missed hearing from you… and hope you’ve been good…I think if you’re motivated you’ll be okay with the quitting.. My husband tried many times ‘for others’ but until he decided for himself he wasn’t successful… Diane

  2. monk-monk says:

    Nicotine leaves your system in 72 hours, so after that it’s all the mental habit part! I used to work as a tobacco cessation counselor, and it is hard but so worth it! There are lots of tips: have something in your hand, keep focusing on the goal (even putting the $$ away in a jar that you would have used for cigs), cinnamon sticks (helps with having something in hand, chew on it, helps suppress appetite, too), cinnamon toothpicks, chewing gum, lots of water, depending on where you live there are quit support lines, exercise, brushing your teeth FIRST THING in the morning (who wants to smoke after clean teeth!), brushing teeth after every meal, switching to tea or a different type of coffee routine (if you smoke and drink coffee), stress ball to play with

  3. So happy for you! A new love will; you’ll never miss the cigarettes.

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