TG and XMas

So often in my life now I talk to people who have been through what I have been thorough. I know I am not alone, though I feel so alone at times. Right now I feel okay, somewhat free. I finished a charcoal art project that is due tomorrow and I am satisfied with it. I wont spray it until I talk to my teacher.

I am dreading the holidays. I dread this time of year. I hate it when people tell me that now I can make new memories to replace the old. The old can never be replaced. I feel if I take a year or two off from family and friends for the holidays I may open my heart and have the opportunity to clear my mind on those days. I feel so bombarded with emotions around the holidays, at times I feel joy but deep down inside I just want it to go away. My favorite holiday should be New Years Eve, the farthest holiday away from the family holidays…Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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3 Responses to TG and XMas

  1. Wade Webster says:

    Last Christmas was the first one I spent alone, my wife moved out last August. I’m proof you can survive this time of year by yourself. Keep hoping for better days ahead. They’ll come. 🙂

  2. Holidays for sure are difficult times . Emotions come to the surface so easily whether we want them to or not… Diane

  3. The last time I was raped was during the holidays. It is hard to get through them if you have bad memories. I hope this year is better.

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