Last Night

Last night I had dinner with LC. I was shocked he asked me to join him. When he asked, I hesitated…I contemplated saying no; I had other things I was thinking about doing.  It was nice to be with him although I am not sure some of his stories are true…. perhaps highly embellished. Though I believe in the power of intention, that what we put out into the world we get back, I am not sure a physical object has powers. At times I think he is testing me. I asked him a very personal question I know he lied to me about, I can let that go for I know the truth. He shares personal things with me but on a surface level, yet I was thankful to hear him speak about himself. It was a beautiful feeling to be near him outside the store.  I didn’t kiss or hug him at the end of the night, it crossed my mind but I let it be a fleeting thought.

I am free from worry with LC. I am open to wherever life takes me. I am an extremely blessed human being. I do believe if I continue to be the best person I can be, life’s rewards will continue to be plentiful!

The moving process is coming along. I have not gotten a place yet, in waiting.

My finger is a little bit better, I worked on it a little. I think I centralized the infection.

Here is to what I will believe is going to be a beautiful day!!!

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One Response to Last Night

  1. So glad you were able to see LC as a friend any yet remain ‘detached’ somewhat from him.. I think you’re wise… Lies have no place in any relationship I don’t think… Anyway, hope you find a place soon…. take care.. Diane

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