I will…

No man can break me down.
I know about the lies. The baseball story is the best! Glad to know I could be a good laugh.
I have sought more protection.
Got my car looked at.
My life is a rollercoaster; well worth the ride.
People I’ve never met now know who I am. I will not be afraid of my writings, my intent is to touch peoples lives. I am uncomfortable with this awakening but find strength in knowing I have fought a very good fight.
I am as safe as I can be for the time being.
I am making significant changes in my life that will only better me.
Life is short, I will not waste it.
I will continue to read and preserver.
I will not be taken down…perhaps my body will but my mind and what I do with others will always live.
I also know my limitations.
I know my gifts and instincts.
I will spread hope like fire!
Not live in FEAR!

Those around me that want to bring me down may in this world but the work I have already done will live on. I will not be afraid!

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