I will not be afraid. My energy is down. I know I am not going crazy with what is going on in my life and I am thankful I have a few that understand and believe me. I have probably the best protection I can have for myself at this time.

My whole life I have drawn people towards me. I have fallen short of figuring out when someone is not a good person until it is too late. I am sad and frustrated at the situation I am in.

I am not afraid to die, I just know there are a lot of people in this world that still need to be touched.

My energy is very low. I have not eaten but maybe five hundred calories all day…I don’t want to eat.  The first man I have truly trusted in years seems to not be the man I thought he was. We talked tonight for a few hours but I don’t know if it was really him. I want to love that man with all of my heart but can’t trust anything right now.

I do fear for my safety, as I always have.

I have never in my life hated attention from others more than I do at this moment in time. I have always hated attention but now it’s gotten worse. Men don’t really see me.

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