I realize where my lack of security comes from and my constant need for it. When my photo came out on the front page of the paper I was thrown for a loop. I realize I felt the need to continue to protect myself from my step father, Thierry the man who abused me when I was a kid and my mother. I didn’t want those people to know and see that I have flourished in life, I am well and okay. I wasn’t okay for a few weeks but then I got help.

I hold on to the thought, success is the best revenge. Revenge to me is personal. I have taught myself to focus on the word success and all will follow. I never want success at the expense of hurting another, which is where knowing your intent comes into play. It’s a game I play with myself, I have to. If I don’t question myself than what’s the purpose of even trying. I learn more from me than any other person. Application!!!

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