I’m trying to let go of everything that has happened over the last six months but I keep going over the details. I think I have figured it out and with that ,I try to rest. If he didn’t read my blog then someone let him know what was in it. Was that part of the process I wonder? I can accept it, I have to. People looked out for me and I am very blessed. I wish I could tell those who were all involved throughout this process, thank you. I have learned a lot. I got shocked with Fear into the truth. I am thankful for that.

LC is not someone I know. Most of what I do know about him are inferences. I know that part of my problem is that I overwork things in my head. I feel very sad. I feel sad because I believed. I knew him and that’s what I fell in love with. I fall for people and this one was a bruiser. My sadness lies around the fact that I don’t have the whole truth. My mind wonders into thought about his love for me. Am I just a fool? Did I fall for someone that’s good at the very least??? I do believe him when he says he does not want to hurt me, though he did test me a lot. It’s been a while since I let a man in like I did him, it didn’t take long for me. I don’t know him. I am very sad. I feel like a fool. I believed the songs he sang and the conviction in his voice.

I will be okay. I’ll get to a point that I wont think about him. I’ll be able to let him go; when I let go they are gone from my heart completely and I will always have compassion. When I let go I want the best for them but they take no time in my brain, that is what letting go is for me!

I don’t know how long it will take for me to love another man again. If I die and never get my heart broken again that would be fine.

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