My list of things to do:

Clean out are to sell, sell car, get a new job, Obama care, RA, unpack house, work on disability papers and get caught up in school.

I hate not working!!! I am starting to go stir crazy. My mind need to be activated and right now it’s now. One more day and I move into my new place and can start to unpack. This weekend is unpacking and getting settled in for school.

As far as school goes, I need to talk to my teacher. I am going to let her know I am okay and I had mental exhaustion due to my life and see if she will work with me on getting caught up.

Right now I am at my stepmoms house. It is always weird being in this house but every time I come over here it gets better and better. My stepmom will hopefully see it is a bad RA day and understand why I am just lying around. I hope my mind can rest, it is hard to rest in this house.

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One Response to List

  1. Glad to hear you’re going to have your own place soon… and ARE out of the one you had before you went to your friend’s house. Are you going to look for work as well as go to school? Diane

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