My Day…

Today was a very good day so far. I met a woman who is an incredible artist that inspires me. She has so much insight into the symbolism of her pieces. I am inspired to create and inspired to pass it on.

As for a job, I am in waiting. I hope to start something next week and get the ball rolling. I feel normal and ready. It did not take me long to get back to me. All of the negative forces seem to be done with. I don’t have strange people coming to my door and no crazy people trying to run me off the road. I just need to rest in the fact that a job will come, they always do. I have faith it will all work out.

I am blessed to have my friend who took me to see the artist. I am blessed she is in my life and I get to experience things through her good will. I am very blessed and thankful for this time and the experiences I have had with her.

My companion, Pepper the dog and I are getting along nicely. She was one of the two dogs that came from the old roommate I had who killed himself on Dec 27, 2013. When I met pepper I would not touch her because I thought she had mange and she was badly flea-ridden. Pepper ended up not having mange, it was the diet of processed cheese and hotdogs that made her hair fall out, she was malnourished and developed an allergy. The man that had her did not do her any justice. She is healthy now. All Pepper wants is love and to be near me, she is a great companion!

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One Response to My Day…

  1. Pets are such a comfort…… we have a dog who is 11 and just adopted a cat last November and she turns 1 this month…. Diane

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