I only think about a few events that took place in my world when I went crashing down a few weeks ago. Two weeks ago today I left the psych ward. On Dec 27, 2013 I had a one night stand with a man (Jason) that may have opened the door to my feelings of intrusion. I am sure he had something to do with all that went on due to the fact that I saw him a few months after the event, walking by my door when I was out front. He shaved his face and was wearing glasses but I knew it was him as soon as I saw him. One of the dumbest decisions I have ever made was calling him, I was reaching out that day. He was the first one night stand I have ever had and I wish I would not have done that. He told me far-out stories that I didn’t believe but I humored him. For some reason I was not afraid of that decision that night. I may have even opened up and told him about this blog, we stayed up late talking and I can’t remember. I learned a valuable lessons that night.

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2 Responses to Mistake

  1. Hope he’s not an issue anymore….. Diane

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